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You don’t date a Soldier (or anyone in the service) to “join the club” of military loved ones… You don’t marry them for the money, or for any “status” you think you might “rate”. You share your life with them, because you can’t see any aspect of your life without them. You endure long lonely days and nights from 7 months - 14 months without that other half of your heart. You go through 2-5 minute phone calls, 10 minute Skype dates or belated snail mail/emails. You go days on end without hearing (ACCURATE) news about relocating, r&r or homecoming dates. You have to sacrifice part of your life, accepting that SOMEDAY you MAY have to move away from the family, friends, and lifestyle that you knew, in order to build a life of your own with the one that you love. There will be PLENTY of fights, arguments, and trials but you HAVE to learn to be strong whether you want to or not (if there’s actual abuse and harm, that is another story-you shouldn’t have to live in fear). They need you to be strong for them too. Don’t for one SECOND think that they assume their decisions won’t impact you. You both have to be the strength and support you’re searching for. You should be supporting of your brothers and sisters who are going through the same thing as you. It’s NOT a contest to see who’s better than who…. If you’re not ready for ANY ASPECT of that, then DO NOT…. DO NOT even THINK about any sort of relationship with a service member.

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    Unless of course falling in love with them is completely out of your control.
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